WorkGuru - User Account Deletion POLicy

This page outlines to process and policy for account deletion or deactivation for WorkGuru end users.

As WorkGuru collects data for business transactions on behalf of an employing business, there is certain data that we cannot delete and maintain compliance with accounting standards and workplace law for timesheets records. As such, the process for account deletion is different depending on whether or not you've entered any data for your employer which they are by law required to keep.

Accounts with no company data - deletion
If your account has NO timesheets, Purchase orders, Invoices or Stock Adjustments associated with it, it is possible for your account administrator to delete the account. You will need to request this from the account administrator, who will be able to process the request in the administration portal.

Accounts with company data - deactivation
If you've completed timesheets, or created any financial transactions in the account (invoices / purchases / stock adjustments or timesheets) then your account can be deactivated, but cannot be deleted. This is to allow the employer and business owner to maintain their legal compliance requirements around timesheet history, and the creation of invoices and purchases.

Deletion of Entire WorkGuru Account
WorkGuru accounts are not deleted by us, unless the account owner asks to delete the entire WorkGuru organisational account.

This request can be processed by the account owner contacting the support desk directly and in writing to request the remove of their WorkGuru account. Requests for organisational account deletion  can ONLY be made by the registered account owner of the WorkGuru company account.

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