4 WorkGuru Features for Architecture Firms

WorkGuru | 4 WorkGuru Features for Architecture Firms

WorkGuru.io is an Australian software custom designed to meet the needs of architecture firms. With unique features built into our software, our solution is created to be a “one-stop-shop” for your firm's project management. In this article, we will cover over the top four features that architects love about WorkGuru. 

Progress Claims are Easy to Manage

Invoicing for your projects doesn’t have to be a project in and of itself. WorkGuru.io is designed to easily invoice all at once or as you complete milestones in your projects life cycle.  With easy tracking of projects progress and accurate records of how much has been billed for, paid and completed you can make sure you're invoicing for the work you are completing. 

As in any industry, all architecture businesses are different, so our system is built to be flexible. In just a few clicks you can bill for a percentage of the total quoted bill for completed tasks or just a custom amount from the quote.  However you manage your billing, WorkGuru makes it easy. 

Easily create variations and group projects

When working through quoting or building a project, you’ll likely want to present to the client more than one of your architectural ideas, solutions or elements. WorkGuru offers easy creation of variations within the quote which can easily be added, removed or modified depending on what the client decides to go ahead with. 

Managing variations and complex projects is also helped by the ability to group projects. If a client has agreed to one part of a project but not all, this allows you to move forward with the agreed on elements without losing track of the big picture. Similarly, you can divvy up the work into different projects for different teams or periods of time with no hassle. 

Live WIP reporting helps you feel in control

With all time allocation, resources used and profit margins for a project on display in practically real time, you can have more control than ever over your business. Just like in all industries, consistently generating a profit is the key to how to grow your architecture business. Having access to accurate information is crucial in knowing where your projects are performing well and how profitable your billable work is. 

In particular, WorkGuru can allow you to see how your costs are compared to the amount invoiced to the client. This could help to indicate when billing needs to occur, and help you to plan your project cash flow. As this information is recorded as part of day-to-day business, there is minimal disruption for your team and accurate information for your accounts. 

For more tips on profitability, take a look at our recent webinar

Keeping track of your clients and their projects

WorkGuru.io’s built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system means that you can manage your clients as well as their projects. Easily see what projects you have completed already and if any projects are ongoing for their account. Easy access to this information while quoting can help your team uncover business opportunities that may otherwise have been missed. 

Having access to shared notes about the client can also help your team to deliver a consistent yet personalised experience. A client is likely to be investing a large amount when engaging your businesses, and feeling that the team is familiar with their projects can add that extra value. It's easy to turn a satisfactory engagement into a remarkable one with a few personal touches. With an easy to use CRM, this becomes much easier for your team. 

Business Management tools for Architects

If you are interested in project management software for architects or feel that your business could benefit from the above features, it might be time to give WorkGuru a go. Reach out today and request a free training session with our sales team. 

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