What does WorkGuru do well? Here’s what our team says.

WorkGuru | What does WorkGuru do well? Here’s what our team says.

WorkGuru is a job costing solution that helps you to understand your projects, profitability and business. It combines quoting, job tracking, invoicing, stock and more to give you all the features you need to truly understand your projects. 

Because there are so many features to cover, we asked our team to name their favourite things that WorkGuru offers to customers. Here are the top four features of WorkGuru.io according to our team.

How we update our platform

A lot of our updates come from feedback we get directly from our customers. It can be direct requests for features or solutions to new problems that we hear about. We are all about creating practical solutions when we see a way that we can help all our clients. 

That’s how we created recent new updates like Forms, staff scheduling, custom reporting and more. WorkGuru works with businesses to go over workflow considerations while still maintaining ease of use and is always honest about what the platform can and can’t do. 

Custom reporting is a powerful tool

One of the top features that came up with our team is custom reports. The custom report builder lets you build reports that are specific to your business. In addition to the over 40 existing reports that WorkGuru gives you, you can build a new report on almost any of the data that you collect in WorkGuru, including custom fields. 

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Easy to create document templates

WorkGuru uses document templates to create sendable templates like quotes, project briefs and invoices. The documents can be created in Word and auto-filled with information from WorkGuru.io. 

It’s intuitive and allows you to create documents that suit your business needs rather than being stuck with pre-formatted templates. Once loaded into WorkGuru.io, you can fill the templates and send them to your clients and leads with a click of a button. 

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Job costing & quote templates 

Last, but definitely not least, WorkGuru.io’s job costing tools are one of its most powerful features. One of the best features is the ability to add templates to quotes to save time and speed up the quoting process.

Templates can have many lines or both tasks and items so you can build complex projects once and use the template again and again. You can also add multiple templates to a project, and make edits once it’s applied. 

It’s super easy to use and means that you save hours on quoting. 

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