Save admin time with this easy payroll process

WorkGuru | Save admin time with this easy payroll process

For most people, payday can be pretty exciting, but for those left running the payroll admin behind the scenes, it can mean hours of extra work to squeeze into their day! Chasing incomplete timesheets, entering data and trying to interpret quickly scribbled notes and numbers can be a huge headache. Inefficient payroll processing could also be costing your business - what else could your team be doing with their time that could help generate profit? 

WorkGuru makes things fast and easy by using the data your business is already collecting to help speed up your payroll checklist. In just three steps your pay cycle can be checked and processed, meaning your team can focus on projects that make your business money.


Here’s how WorkGuru can help with your Payroll

Step 1: Collect your timesheet information in real-time

WorkGuru helps you track your teams time against projects as they work by simply clocking in and out of each project as they work, or entering the time they spend retroactively. It’s super simple to use and helps you kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you track your labour costs against your projects as your team work, but you can also see how long they worked each day with ease. 

With the WorkGuru kiosk, your team members can log in, lodge a timesheet and check all their timesheets for that day in a couple of clicks. 


Step 2: Send Your Timesheet information to Xero

WorkGuru integrates with Xero, so you can link your Xero account to WorkGuru and send COGS, invoices and timesheet data from WorkGuru to Xero effortlessly. All your team need to do is select the period for payroll, check the data and hit the button to send the timesheet to Xero.

There are a few tips and tricks to getting this right and setting up your integration. Check out a more thorough step-by-step guide here


Step 3: Check the data and process your payroll in Xero

Your timesheet data should now be in WorkGuru and ready for you to review. Here you can make any necessary changes, such as factoring in overtime or fixing any issues that were missed in the first check. From here you just follow the normal Xero payroll process. It’s as easy as that!

WorkGuru also integrates with Tanda to give you even more control over your payroll if your business needs it. 


Ready to save time on payday?

By using data that your business should already be collecting, WorkGuru can help you to run your payroll with minimal stress and in less time than manual data entry. If you’d like to see this in action, book a demo with our team. We’ll take the time to walk you through the process, and any other features you want to see.

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WorkGuru | Save admin time with this easy payroll process

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