Choose the right project management tools with 4 secrets

WorkGuru | Choose the right project management tools with 4 secrets

Finding the right project management tools helps your business grow & generate incredible results. Sustainable growth is difficult if not impossible without a tool that will scale with your business. 

Changing your project management system can also mean potentially long periods of decision making, testing, switching and adapting ahead of you, so it is crucial to be confident that you have made the right decision about the solution you’ve picked. 

So which project management software is best for your business?

WorkGuru.io is founded on the fact that not all software is designed for all businesses. The right solution wasn’t out there for the businesses. That's also why we have compiled the following four tips to help you assess if WorkGuru.io, or any other solution, is an ideal fit for your business. 

1) Focus on outcomes, not features

When making a decision about which project management software to use, it’s important to go in with a concrete idea of the problem you are looking to solve. Unless something was built for your business, it might not do exactly what you want, the way you want it.

But if you change the way you think about the problem just a little, you’re much more likely to be successful not only in your software selection but in your change management as well. Go into your evaluation with an open mind for features, but a firm idea of the results you need. Having a list of questions to ask your sales rep might help., for example:

“I need to connect my team across multiple locations, what does that look like on this software?”

“I need more visibility over my business profitability, does your software allow for this?”

Be sure that you’re comfortable that the platform has features you need to solve your objectives before you spend too long considering it. Be cautious of phrases such as “It could certainly be made to do that” or “I have seen some businesses use it like that”. Platforms that are designed to solve all your problems as best as possible you need should be your first pick. 

2) Test it yourself

A good way to get an idea of which project management software to choose is to get hands-on. It’s one thing to be shown how a platform works, it’s another to navigate around it yourself. If a sales rep is willing to take the time to get you familiar with the features you’ll need, you will a) get a sense of if the platform is right for your business and b) know how easily your team will pick it up.

Getting on the tools before you commit to purchase means you can quickly getting a clear yes or no on a system rather than having a long list of maybes. Getting an obligation-free training session to understand the software should be a must on your checklist to make an informed decision early. 

3) Think about your project management 5 years from now

The project management software option that’s right for you today might not be right for you in three to five years. It is key to make sure that you think ahead and save yourself the headache of having to reinvent your systems in a few years time as your business grows. While you can’t predict every turn that your business will take, you can take into account your plans.

If you are looking to open another warehouse or diversify your offering in the next few years, make sure that your project management system can handle that. If you are predicting a big increase in staff numbers, take that into account too. Add these extra needs to the list of questions from step one, as it can be a big deciding factor if all the short-term needs are covered. 

4) Trust your gut

Once you have a shortlist together of options to consider, turn your attention to the project management systems pros and cons. Each service will look a little different for your business and it will ultimately come down to what your priorities are. Do you want an option that will have minimal disruption to install or one that will have the strongest longevity or the best customer service? 

Ultimately, when you are left with a list of options that all meet your criteria, you have to trust your gut to uncover which project management software to choose. The nuisances of how different software will interact with your business and the importance of customer service and support are unique to your business – no one knows what you need better than you!

What’s the next step?

WorkGuru offers a free hands-on training session, customised to your business so you’ll be able to see first hand if WorkGuru will work for you in the real world.  Our in-depth training will ensure you get to grips with our platform before you make a decision, so you’re able to decide quickly and with confidence. 

If you’re looking for a project management system, start by assessing WorkGuru. Contact us today.

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