The 4 Top quoting tools that WorkGuru.io users love

WorkGuru | The 4 Top quoting tools that  WorkGuru.io users love

Quoting is an essential part of your project management, helping you track your costs and confirm your prices with your customer. 

Because it’s so crucial, the WorkGuru.io platform has been built to make life easier. With easy and intuitive quote build tools that anyone can use, your team can save time and stress by quoting with WorkGuru. 

Here are the top four features that make quoting a breeze in WorkGuru.io

Quote Sign-Off

While still in beta, quote sign off tools helps businesses to secure work faster. The new quote sign-off tools let WorkGuru users send quotes to clients for them to review and sign digitally. It’s easy to send and even easier for the client to say yes.

Once the quote is signed, WorkGuru will send a confirmation email to the project manager and set up a new project for you, based on the information in the approved quote. It’s easy for customers and it saves your team time - it’s a win-win!

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Quoting Templates 

When you’re quoting for the same or similar projects day after day, templates can help you save time and stay consistent with your pricing. The WorkGuru quoting templates are easy to apply to every new quote you create and can be customised for any changes or differences.

The quoting templates make quoting for non-bespoke work a lot faster, meaning your team can spend more time on profitable work. Plus, it means you can ensure your team don’t forget to add line items in complex or complicated jobs.

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Easily Convert to Project

Even when not using the quoting sign-off tools, converting your quote to a new project is easy. Once a quote has been approved by a client, you’re about to create a project with the same line items in a couple of clicks. 

The project will have the same information as the quote, including the line items, and client and asset information. It makes starting work with the right information a quick and easy process. 

WorkGuru | The 4 Top quoting tools that  WorkGuru.io users love

Track Margins as you build

You and your team can see the profit margin on each quote without a calculator handy. Keep track of your profits before you hit send so you know that every project is set up to make money.

On each line item, your team can set the cost and sell price, or stick with the prefilled information from your stock and hours data. While they build out the quote, they can see a real-time report on the project margins, so they can ensure the quotes are profitable. 

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