4 Reasons to Focus on Team Motivation in 2022

WorkGuru | 4 Reasons to Focus on Team Motivation in 2022

When your team love what they do, your business as a whole benefits. In fact, multiple studies have found ways that your business can improve, grow and prosper by improving team motivation. 

The last few years have been tumultuous and team motivation is more important than ever. Here are some ways businesses can benefit from better team motivation. 

Improved Retention

It seems obvious to say, but when your team love what they do, they want to keep doing it. Teams that are highly motivated are more likely to stay with your business for longer. This means that not only can you keep talented people for longer, but it also saves you money.

Having staff that stay with your business saves you on hiring costs. This includes the reduced capacity you have when you’re finding new team members, and when training. It can also increase your capacity to have staff with long retention, as they grow more efficient in their work.

Better Results

When your team cares about what they do, they are much more likely to go above and beyond to produce great results. When armed with strong motivation, your team are more likely to put extra effort into making sure that work is done well. This includes not just following the rules and doing what they absolutely have to do on a project but taking extra steps to deliver good work. 

If well-motivated, your team might proactively reach out to the client after a project to make sure that the work delivered was up to scratch because they genuinely care about the feedback. While this and other small extra tasks might not seem like a big deal, it can save heaps of time formally following up and getting feedback and can help provide a much better experience for your clients and customers. 

More Proactive Problem Solving

As well as working harder to get great results, motivated team members can be relied on more to be proactive in solving problems outside of their regular work, whether project-based or business-wide. When presented with an issue, unmotivated team members may be more likely to take a ‘not my problem’ attitude instead of trying to find a solution.

When your team genuinely cares about your business and the work they do, are more likely to put themselves out there to solve issues. They are more likely to try and change things they don’t like rather than looking for other work. It means you can rely more on your team to protect your workplace culture and work more autonomously. 

Personal growth = business growth

When you know that your team are going to stick around for a longer time, your business hugely benefits from their personal growth. Your team members are able to work faster, but also build up an inherent understanding of your business processes and values. This might make them very capable team leaders as your business grows, meaning you and the upper management team can comfortably take a step back from the day to day operations.

Having dedicated team members help you grow your business and plan ahead with a higher degree of confidence, as you can rely more on the team you have. 

How to improve team motivation

What are the best ways your business can improve motivation? Depending on what you are doing at the minute,  the ways that you can improve motivation might differ. It's important to investigate what might be stopping your team from feeling great about their work. 

Read our past blog for some tips on how to improve your motivation by clicking here, or read our blog on how job costing software can help. 

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