How WorkGuru Set-Up Fortuna Straightline Engineering For Another 80 Years Of Success

WorkGuru | How WorkGuru Set-Up Fortuna Straightline Engineering For Another 80 Years Of Success

Innovation and high levels of personal service have been at the heart of Fortuna Straightline Engineering for nearly 80 years.

So when it came to overhauling their workshop and business management processes the Brisbane-based truck maintenance group was looking for a partner that shared their passion for service and would support the business over the long term.

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After comparing several business management tools, Fortuna's office manager Rhiannan Bartlett was hoping WorkGuru might be the right solution to improve efficiency and profitability and became one of the company’s first customers in 2018. She didn’t think it would end up with her spending more time driving a broom.

“We were among the very first companies to sign up and appreciated Tony’s passion and desire to help us build a better business,” she said. “Two years later and I am saving so much time; sometimes I find myself cleaning the workshop just for something to do!”

Fortuna is highly-regarded in the Brisbane trucking industry and has been in operation since 1943. The company is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service that has seen it retain some clients for decades.

“Our customers’ trucks are their livelihoods and we have a big responsibility to get them back on the road as soon as possible when they have issues,” Rhiannan said. “WorkGuru is critical to delivering on that commitment.”

“The expertise we have developed over the years means we can repair all kinds of vehicles, machinery and equipment and we can do it much more efficiently now.”

The company, which has five mechanics, needs to manage a variety of different jobs and services across a huge range of truck makes and models and every job must be tracked effectively.

WorkGuru | How WorkGuru Set-Up Fortuna Straightline Engineering For Another 80 Years Of Success

What does Fortuna Straightline Engineering think about WorkGuru?

“We love the ability to customise many of the features to suit our business and it has definitely had a positive impact on our understanding of what jobs make us money and what jobs don’t,” Rhiannan said.

“The process of creating a new ‘project’ for each job in WorkGuru is incredibly simple and being able to keep the one job card right through to when we invoice the client saves a heap of time.”

“Using the WorkGuru templates we have been able to customise the whole platform to suit our exact requirements. We have even set it up so when a truck comes in for some new work we can do a simple search and bring up the entire work history.”

But it’s when Fortuna needs a little extra support to navigate a tricky issue or set-up a new process that’s WorkGuru’s own service culture comes into its own.

“There are a lot of technologies out there that work well until there is an issue and then you can never talk to someone about how to fix the problem,” she said.

“The WorkGuru team have always made themselves available to work through any issues or make any adjustments to templates,” Rhiannan said.

“The whole team takes a  genuine interest in our business and improving our performance using technology. We really value customer service for our clients so know what it takes to go that little bit extra.”

WorkGuru Co-founder, Tony Harcourt says the reason for a service culture is simple. "Between Michael and I, we've been in small business, and consulted to small business for over 20 years between us, and we know that there's nothing so frustrating as a service provider that you can't talk to. Our customers ARE our success, and they depend on us to be there, when they need us. That's why we'll always have our team in Australia, and ready to answer the phones for our clients when they call."

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