WorkGuru and Xero Together

WorkGuru | WorkGuru and Xero Together

After months of work with the dev team at Xero, and some of our fantastic customers providing testing and feedback, WorkGuru has been accepted as an official App Partner of Xero. This means that every WorkGuru client can now get the world-class operations visibility that WorkGuru provides, while getting the most from Australia's most popular online accounting platform.

WorkGuru was always designed as an operational platform that left the accounting and statutory reporting to a dedicated accounting package. While we will never stint in our ambition to become the best lightweight ERP on the market, we believe that we can do this best by getting Xero to do the specialist work of accounting. After all, they've spent billions building a world-leading product to do exactly that.

So what does the integration mean.

WorkGuru sends Sales Invoices, Bills (from Purchase Orders), Cost of Goods Sold journals and Contacts from WorkGuru through to Xero. WorkGuru will never send data to Xero (or retrieve data from Xero) without your explicit permission. For extra detail our support article on this, over at our knowledge base. We're currently working on adding payment reconciliation to allow you to record payments in WorkGuru, and have that data flow through to Xero, and vice versa.

From a practical point of view, the integration looks like the diagram below. Data flows in both directions to enable a single point-of-truth for your operational, and financial requirements.

WorkGuru | WorkGuru and Xero Together

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