4 Top team management tools in WorkGuru.io

WorkGuru | 4 Top team management tools in WorkGuru.io

A huge part of managing your projects is team management. Whether that’s understanding what they’ve done, what they're doing or what they’re scheduled to do in the future. Because of that WorkGuru.io has tonnes of features designed to make managing teams easy, fast and effective. 

Here are the top team management tools. 

Drag & Drop Project Scheduling

Making changes to your team’s schedule is as easy as clicking and dragging. The easy drag and drop tools will let you make changes with minimal fuss. You can move the dates, or change the staff member assigned to make sure you’re job is getting done on time and by the right person.

If two people or a team are assigned to a task, the task will move for everyone, so you don’t need to worry about missing anyone!

WorkGuru | 4 Top team management tools in WorkGuru.io

Easy start and stop timesheets

Tools like the WorkGuru.io Kiosk help your team easy submit and review timesheets, report on tasks they’ve worked on, the stock they’ve used. The Kiosk can be used on a touch screen and makes it quick to add in info or start a timer to track time. 

This video shows you how to use your team can use the kiosk to keep your records up to date without taking up to much time on admin. So, you can track the profitability of your project, keep your stock up to date without your team breaking their workflow. 

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Create teams and assign work

When creating projects and assigning the work to be done, it can sometimes be more complicated than one person completing the projects. Because of that, WorkGuru enables you to create whole teams to assign. It makes it faster and easier. 

So, you can quickly add whole teams, like your sales team, to a task to complete. It means that you don’t need to know who going to be in that day to complete the work, everyone in the team will be able to jump onto it.

Manage permissions

Everyone in your business has a different role and will need access to different areas. Of course, you may not want every team member to be able to see and edit your records or settings. So, WorkGuru is set up to intuitively allow you to set permissions for each team member. It means you have control over who can see what.

Want to manage your team better? 

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