The Kiosk - Capture everything in real time

When your staff work on a factory or workshop floor, it's a pain in the neck getting them to try and log into a computer and enter their timesheets, or what parts they used on a job. Equally, if they scrawl it down on a piece of paper, it adds extra work to your admin team, and frankly, most of us have terrible writing these days and we can struggle to read what's in front of us anyway.

The problem is though, if you don't track what you're staff are doing, when they're actually doing it, you'll end up spending time, and using materials on jobs that aren't accounted for, and which end up just being given away - and no one can afford that!

To solve this, this week we're releasing a web-based kiosk for WorkGuru. The Kiosk means that your staff can with a few button pushes, add their timesheets, material usage, and any notes for projects they are working on.

The kiosk

The kiosk allows users to set a 4-digit pin, and quickly log in, add the required parts, time and notes to a job, and quickly log back out again, leaving the kiosk open for the next update. In seconds, staff can accurately track exactly what was used on a job, and simply get back to work.

Using stock on a job is as easy as 1,2,3.
A timesheet in no time at all
No notes required on making notes

The Kiosk aims to give our customers and their staff a simple, and real-time way of adding data and costs to their jobs, without having to leave the shop floor. In this way, WorkGuru can help provide you with up-to-the-minute costing of your jobs, your stock on hand, and give you piece of mind that you're charging your customers for everything you should

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