September Releases and October Roadmap

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

Welcome to October! We can’t believe how quickly the year has gone already, and how far through we are.

In this email, we give you a sneak peak into some newly released features, what’s on the roadmap for the next major release, and a Xerocon offer just for you! ← Read all the way to the end! 

September was a huge month for us here at WorkGuru! Attending our first Xerocon (photo above with the team from Rype) as partner let us speak to several hundred of our nearest and dearest, and new friends alike. We got so much valuable feedback from our conversations, that some of it has already made it into the product.

September Releases

Our Key releases this month are around reporting, and progress claims.

Progress Claims

One of the key issues we’ve run across for our engineering and construction firms, is the issue of progress claims. As most clients require their invoices to show percentages complete, what this invoice value is, and what remains, we’ve updated our invoice document templates to allow you to get what you need with a single click.

For many of our clients, this singular update will save upwards of 30 staff hours a month when it comes time to raise your invoices.

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

Revenue Forecast

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

Forecasting Revenue is a pain. With Milestone invoicing being different to deposit invoices and all of them needing you to go to the spreadsheets to figure it out, we’ve built a solution which will tell you when you SHOULD be able to raise invoices to your customers, assuming you finish the work.
This report works by taking the Due Date of any tasks in the project (that are billable) and calculating the remaining billable value of those, and the due date of the project for everything else, and gives you a summary broken down day by day of the revenue you should achieve as per the screenshot below.

WIP Reporting

WIP reporting has been a pain for everyone as long as project management has been a thing. To alleviate some of that pain, we’ve created two WIP Reports that break down exactly what’s going on in your business, and who owes you what

Given that people either bill actuals (time and materials used) or Quoted value, there are two distinct ways of reporting on WIP. As such, we’ve built two WIP reports that break down for you what work you’re doing, who you’re doing it for, how much they’ve paid, and how much is remaining on that job.

As the screenshots below demonstrate these reports give you a quick and easy view of what’s going on in your world!

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap
WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

October Releases

In October, we’re focusing on 3 major release items 

First though, just a little one. We’re updating our project summary widget to give you live, up to the minute profitability reporting, and comparison to forecast with a simple view on each project.

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

Now, on to the big stuff

Lead Tracking

The first of these is better lead tracking. Not only will you be able to track the value, owner, stages and likelihood to close (LTC) of your opportunities, you’ll be able to schedule follow up calls, meetings, and any other activities you define, as well as who is responsible for them

A quick screenshot of our lead tracker is below.

WorkGuru | September Releases and October Roadmap

Email Integration

The second major release we’re planning is for an integration with emails to allow Job and Lead emails to be attached automatically to the correct job when you CC the email to yourbusinessname@workguru.email. This is currently in development with our newest member of the team Marco leading up the dev on this one.

Weekly Timesheet and Xero Timesheet Integration

We’ve nearly finished a beta of our Weekly Timesheet entry for all you engineering and professional service folks out there and we’ll be rolling out the completed version in October. This will let you select multiple projects and tasks from a single screen and enter your timesheet entries for the week quickly and easily.

To take this one step further, we’re aiming to integrate this into Xero for Payroll purposes. The exact scope of this is being finalised, but we aim to have a basic release out of this integration this month.