4 ways project groups help you organise your work

WorkGuru | 4 ways project groups help you organise your work

Managing multiple projects, or large complex jobs can be tricky business. WorkGuru’s project groups let you manage multiple projects at once or break complex jobs into smaller, manageable tasks. 

Depending on your business and your processes, there are a number of ways that you can set up a project group, but here are four ways that you can use groups to manage your complex work better. 

WorkGuru | 4 ways project groups help you organise your work

Easily check-in on how jobs are progressing

If you are managing a number of projects at once, it’s all too easy to let some slip onto the backburner. Grouping projects means that you can check on many projects at once. You can quickly see how many hours have been spent on each project, as well as the costs, materials and tasks. 

If you are managing a group of projects, it makes it much easy to do a single quick check at the start or end of the day, rather than finding the time to check in on every single project one at a time. With the project group widgets, you can see the total hours worked, the tasks completed, the total amount invoiced and the estimate vs actual costs across all projects, so you can do a quick health check in a couple of seconds.  


Link jobs that are connected

Project groups can make it easy to see projects that are linked together or connected in some way. How you organise this will depend on your business, but it could be phases in a larger project, or separate jobs you’re doing for the same client, or all the project being worked on by a particular team or worker. 

Whatever the connection is that matters to your business, WorkGuru’s project groups will mean that you can easily manage and track your progress collectively. 


Break large projects into smaller, manageable jobs

Sometimes projects are so big that it doesn’t make sense to manage them all at once. Maybe you’ll need different people or different start dates for different parts. Project groups allow you to split up your larger projects, without losing sight of the overall objective (and costs your incurring). So, no matter how many separate teams you have working on the job, you can check that the projects are all progressing well and how complete each phase is. 


Invoicing is easy in project groups

With a couple of clicks, you can invoice for the whole of a project group to save you time. It can be a great way to consolidate your invoicing and make it faster, and more simple for your clients and yourself. 

The quick invoice function gives you the ability to group invoices by project, or by client. It means that you are able to send just one invoice to that client for all the projects in the group. Plus, the options to invoice based on percentages or completed work gives you the flexibility to invoice in a way that works for your business. 


Get more control over your projects with project groups. 

WorkGuru can help you keep an eye on your costs in real-time to help you make your project profitable. See how WorkGuru can help your business, with a free hands-on training session. 

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WorkGuru | 4 ways project groups help you organise your work