Timesheets are The Key to Service Business Profits!

Make it easy for your staff to enter them, and reap the rewards of less time lost to incomplete timesheets!
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If you sell your time for money, you need to do timesheets

Especially if you think you don't!

Accrue Accurate Cost to the Job

When you add a timesheet to a task and project in WorkGuru, it tracks the cost of the person who did the timesheet, or if you don't want to specify that, a theoretical cost for that task.

This lets you get accurate costing for each task, on each project in real time.
WorkGuru | Timesheets
Mobile Timesheets entry

Timesheets in our  Mobile App

Entering timesheets through the mobile app means that even your staff on the road can be reporting their hours in real time. 

With options to enter start and finish times, or hit "Start" and "Stop" timer buttons, the ball is truly in your court.

Timesheets from the Workshop Kiosk

In a workshop with people doing lots of potentially dangerous work, the last thing you want is people on their phones. WorkGuru's Kiosk application lets you set up a central point for staff to do their timesheets without compromising the safety of your workshop floor!

You can run as many kiosks as you like and it works on Web, iOS, or Android to ensure that we work with you to get your timesheets done!
WorkGuru Kiosk Timesheet Entry Screen
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