Stock Levels Matter

Don't lose thousands of dollars by losing control of your stock! Track every part, order and stock level across your warehouses in WorkGuru.
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Inventory Tracking

End of Year Stock Take is One Thing

But knowing where you're at all year round is HUGE!

What's Where, and What's Incoming

Quickly search what products you've got in stock, which warehouse they're at, and how many you've got coming in.

Never trawl through emails to find inbound orders again!
Incoming by warehouse
WorkGuru | Stock Levels

Know What it Actually Cost

Knowing how much of something is huge - but knowing how much it really cost you is equally important.

WorkGuru supports First-in-First-Out inventory costing which means you know exactly the value of stock on hand at any point in time, AND the real margins you're making on your jobs. Every movement of stock is recorded in a ledger so you're always seeing the true price

Seamless Accounting Integration

Never do an inventory journal again!

WorkGuru seamlessly integrates with your accounting platform to update stock levels when you buy, dispatch, or consume stock in the course of your day-to-day operations.

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