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Getting a quote out the door is the first step in getting money IN the door! WorkGuru's extensive array of quoting tools have everything you need to win more sales.!
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WorkGuru's Quoting Tools take Your Price Lists and Branding
to Make Beautiful Quoting Fast and Easy

Get those Quotes out the Door

Build Quotes Quickly and Easily

Quoting should be simple - It's simply usually based on a number of products and services that you sell, and how much you sell them for! 

WorkGuru makes it easy to quickly search your entire library of products and services, and add them to the quote in seconds
Adding Quotes by Line
Add Template to Quote

Use Templates for Regular Work

Do you do similar types of work regularly? Whether it's a particular product build, a service offering, or even a rate card, WorkGuru's Project Templates let you pre-build a "Bill of Time and Materials" to get that quote built fast.

Better yet, you can add, edit, or remove items on the fly, and you can even stack templates on top of each other!

Professional Styling and Beautiful Quotes

Your branding is important, and when a quote goes out the door, it has to look professional, and look like it's yours!

WorkGuru's Quote Document Templates are powerful, professional, and as simple as editing a Word Document!
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Single Line Quote

Control What Your Clients See

Your Quotes have to look great, but they also can't give away all your Intellectual Property.

By configuring your document templates and quote lines, you can show your client exactly what you want them to see, and hide any information that you don't want to share about how you priced it.

Accept Your Quotes with a Single Click!

When you get the good news, don't be overcome with extra paperwork! Turn your WorkGuru quotes into a Project with a single click!

Even better - for quotes with no Services/Tasks, you can create a Stock Sale and dispatch the goods out the door in minutes!
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