However you do your purchasing, you'll love WorkGuru's tools to make the process faster, simpler, and more accurate. Whether you buy for Stock, or buy per project, we've got you covered.

Purchasing for stock allows incoming goods to be used on an array of different projects as and when needed. Alternatively, if you want to control your purchasing and buy on a project-by-project basis, you can do that too.
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Purchasing is Simple with WorkGuru

Purchasing Tools that make your every day easier

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Professional Presentation of Purchases

Customise the look and feel of your purchase orders with our customisable document templates.

Display every piece of information that you need to, and hide what you don't want to show - you're in complete control.
WorkGuru | Purchasing
WorkGuru | Purchasing

Foreign Currency Purchasing

Need to buy from overseas suppliers? With our foreign currency purchasing, simply select the right currency, and away you go!
You can configure the currencies that you use, and even override the exchange rate

Approval Limits

Need to control how much your staff can spend? If you give them the permissions to approve purchase orders, you can set a limit that they can't go above, so you're always in control.
PO Approval Limit
WorkGuru | Purchasing

Handling Landed Costs

Do you deal with freight lines, or freight invoices from your suppliers? WorkGuru handles both scenarios with simplicity making sure your costs are always correct.

On-charge of Project Purchases

If you're regularly purchasing goods or services that you need to on-charge to your clients, simply flag the Purchase Order as billable, and voila!

At the time of invoice, you'll be able to see the line items and mark them up to ensure  you never miss invoicing for a cost again.
Purchasing for projects and on charging the client is a breeze
Example of advanced purchasing with a merged purchase order

Advanced Purchasing

If you need to roll up purchasing for several projects on to a single purchase order, advanced purchasing lets you do this with ease.

Add the line items that you need from each project, or even merge multiple PO's together to get a single supplier PO for many projects and even stock!

Assisted Purchasing

Know what you need, and when you need it by. Use WorkGuru's Potential Stock Shortages report to order your shortfall goods out to a specific date.

If you want to order to Par levels in the Warehouse, the Buying Guru feature will do this in just a few clicks!
Potential Stock Shortages Purchasing
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