Lead Management that converts enquiries into sales

Never lose track of an enquiry again, with WorkGuru's lead management module. Stay on top of every opportunity as it moves through your pipeline from an enquiry, to a sale
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WorkGuru's Lead Management Dashboard

Every Business Needs More Sales.

With WorkGuru, you can have them...

Everything About your Lead in One Place

It can be tough trying to keep all of your deal information together. 

Whether it's quotes, follow up activities that need to happen, communication that you've had with the client, or any internal notes, you can track it all in WorkGuru.
Lead Overview
Lead Email

Email your conversations straight to the lead

Never lose track of your conversations with a prospect ever again. 

Simply email (or CC) your correspondence to your dedicated email address, and we'll automatically attach it to the right lead!

Set Activity Reminders for Your Sales People

WorkGuru let's you set reminders for your sales people to follow up their leads, and send them STRAIGHT to their dashboard.

Never miss a deal because your team didn't follow it up, and always get a clear picture of what needs to happen and when!
Lead Activities Dashboard
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