Forecast vs Actuals

This is why we exist.

WorkGuru was built to report on Forecast vs Actuals for Every element of the platform.

We fundamentally believe that service businesses improve when they compare their performance to their expectation, and update future quotes and pricing to reflect past performance.
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Forecast vs Actuals are the reason we exist

Knowing how you did against expectation is half the batttle

Only then, can you start to improve what you can
Hours Forecast vs Actuals

Task Time - Forecast vs Actuals

Every time you quote a task to do in WorkGuru, you give it a forecast number of hours. For every task, on every project, WorkGuru will compare your actual timesheets to your forecasts, and tell you how you're tracking.

Products - Forecast vs Actual

Whether you used the wrong quantity, bought too many, broke some, or the product just cost more; getting the forecast vs actual costs of each product line is key to understanding your projects, and where you're making or losing money
Product forecast v actuals
Invoicing Forecast vs Actuals

Invoicing - Forecast vs Actuals

Have you invoiced everything that you forecast? Or is there still some left.
Did you end up invoicing massively over your estimate and risk damaging a relationship with a customer! This data is tracked on every single project so you can see, investigate, and action as needed!

Cost - Forecast vs Actual

Whether you went over on time spent, stock used from the shelf, or purchases made from suppliers or subcontractors, your overall cost performance on the job is key! 
Cost Forecast vs Actuals
Profit Forecast vs Actuals

Profit - Forecast vs Actuals

Everyone goes into business to make a profit, but it's much harder to make the actuals line up with the forecast than you ever expected that it was! 
Our real-time project profit widget shows you how you're tracking, and let's you know where and when there's a problem.
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