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WorkGuru | Business Intelligence

No one really wants to trawl through the data - give them a pretty chart!

You know it's true!

Dashboard Insights

The team at Dashboard Insights have built an awesome integration to WorkGuru that pulls all of your operational data into stunning visual representation of your data. 
Their product supports both off the shelf implementation, and custom requirements
Check out their site at https://dashboardinsights.com/
WorkGuru | Business Intelligence
WorkGuru | Business Intelligence

Power BI Environment

If you're keen on doing your own PowerBI integration, hit up the team for our demo Power BI environment. It's a ready-to-go file that handles your authentication for you (just switch out your API Keys) and you're ready to consume our API to build whatever you need!

Custom BI Dashboard Options

If off the shelf options don't work, and you're not keen on building your own PowerBI reports, we've got several developer partners who can assist you in building beautiful data visualisations from multiple data sources. Reach out to the team for more information.
Some of our Fantastic WorkGuru partners
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