Handle everything from quotes to invoices, and timesheets to inventory.
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WorkGuru | Industries - Manufacturing V1

WorkGuru gives you everything you needto run your manufacturing workshop!

Business management tools for the manufacturing industry.
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WorkGuru | Industries - Manufacturing V1


Project Management

Building a caravan, or repairing a bulldozer? 

WorkGuru lets you track what’s going on in your workshop and who’s working on it. 

Stay on top on when it’s supposed to be finished.

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Sales & CRM Management

Track every lead, contact and quote in a single place, and know how much you stand to win with sales reporting.​ 

Create jobs from quotes and invoices straight from your projects.
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Inventory Management

Keep track of what you’ve got and what you’ve used on every job in real time with the WorkGuru kiosk. 

Manage your stock on hand and purchases easily and clearly.
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Asset Management

For every build, let your workshop software keep a history of every part, timesheet, note and job in a single place. 

Never have warranty questions again with everything about an asset in a single place.
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businesses who use workguru love it.

WorkGuru saves us over and over again on stock and staff time, plus we get so much visibility over what's happening and that helps us save too...We have one computer on the floor that manages all the staff's time and all of the projects - it couldn't be more simple!
We love the ability to customise many of the features to suit our business and it has definitely had a positive impact on our understanding of what jobs make us money and what jobs don’t.
A lot of apps do one thing really well but could never do everything we needed. WorkGuru is just different...Things are just where you'd expect them to be, the whole platform is super intuitive. We've always felt that WorkGuru has our back. I'd happily give them a 10/10 for customer service.

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WorkGuru | Industries - Manufacturing V1
Great job management system. Ticks all the boxes for a Job Management Solution, which allows it to support job management across a wide range of industries. The WG team are pro-active and great to deal with - happy to assist with any questions, and very generous with their time and knowledge. Love working with the WG team.
Cassandra Scott
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