WorkGuru's Job MAnagement App Makes Life on the Go Easy

Whether you're completing a QA checklist, filling out a delivery docket, or getting a client to sign off on timesheets, WorkGuru's forms are simple and powerful.
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Form Completions on Tablet

A Mobile Job Management App that Lives in Your Pocket

WorkGuru | Job Management App

Do your timesheets any where, any time!

WorkGuru forms are made up of a set of questions, and a snazzy Word Doc that creates the finished PDF. That means that you can customise the output of your form to look professional, and styled to your branding

Get Forms Signed on Site

When a user goes to fill a form, WorkGuru asks a simple set of questions (configured by you), and populate the answers into a professional PDF document with a timestamp, and the person who completed it. 

We attach that straight to the project for audit trails and future reference.

You can collect text, dates, pictures, and signatures from your phone, or tablet.

You can even get clients to sign off on timesheets!
WorkGuru | Job Management App

Upload Receipts into your Project

When you're on the go, it's important to be able to capture expenses straight into you projects. WorkGuru lets you simply upload a receipt from the app, and allocate it against the job 
*requires EzzyBills integration
WorkGuru | Job Management App
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