5 Timesheet Tools in WorkGuru that make life easier

WorkGuru | 5 Timesheet Tools in WorkGuru that make life easier

WorkGuru.io is all about making the day-to-day stuff a breeze. Timesheets are no exception. 

There are heaps of features and extra functionality we’ve added to WorekGuru.io to make sure that gathering accurate timesheet information is as easy as possible. Here are the 5 tools in WorkGuru.io that can help make collecting, using and analysing timesheet information better. 

The WorkGuru.io Kiosk

The WorkGuru.io Kiosk helps your team quickly and easily add and edit timesheets to a project. The kiosk has the functionality for stop & start stopwatches, or entering timesheets at the end of a work session. 

The Kiosk is like a mini version of WorkGuru.io that focuses on inputting stock and timesheet information and forms. The lightweight format makes it easy to add data on the go, or quickly between tasks. 

It’s great for use on a table that your team can keep in their ute, or a laptop that lives in your workshop. It means your team don’t have to break their workflow to report tasks, or leave timesheets to the end of the day and need to report guess-timates.  

Here’s a quick overview of the kiosk:

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Timesheet Approval Forms

WorkGuru Forms are super customisable, allowing you to add in and use any fields that you need and build out a document with the exact layout you need. By including the “Timesheets” field in your form, you can quickly pull timesheet data effortlessly. 

Because your timesheet information is updated in WorkGuru in real-time, you can use your information straight away. You can customize the period you want to approve, whether it’s today, yesterday or the whole week all at once!

It’s great when you have on-site supervisors so you can get written, signed confirmation of the time spent approved by that supervisor. The form is automatically added to the project when it’s completed, so you can easily refer back to it as needed. 

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Quick Add Function on Projects

WorkGuru.io has a number of “quick action” buttons on your projects that help you manage and move along your projects. The actions include quick invoice, material use, purchase orders and of course timesheets.

You can choose to add a timesheet based on start / end time, or total duration. You can also choose whether to just save, or save and approve the timesheet, depending on your processes. 

Automatic cost adding

Whether you add timesheets via the quick actions or kiosk, your costs and time are added to your projects to keep your costs up-to-date. It means that you keep an up-to-date view on how your projects are tracking and if you’re running over time. 

This helps you get more value from uploading and completing timesheets. By automatically applying your data across functions, WorkGuru.io limits your need to double-enter data. So, your team only needs to enter their timesheets to add their time to projects, get client approval, and submit their timesheets for easy payroll processing. 

Xero Integration

Sending your data to Xero is quick and easy. There’s no manually transferring data to and from the two programs, it just takes a couple of clicks. 

To take a look at your settings and send data from WorkGuru, it’s as simple as visiting WorkGuru and navigating to Accounting > Xero. Here you will be able to check if the information is up-to-date and send an invoice, cost of goods and timesheet information to Xero in a couple of clicks.

WorkGuru | 5 Timesheet Tools in WorkGuru that make life easier

Want to see if WorkGuru.io is right for you? 

Get in touch and we’ll give you a free walkthrough and trial account. You can see how easy managing timesheets can be with the right tools.

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