4 reasons to get better job tracking software right now

WorkGuru | 4 reasons to get better job tracking software right now

When you’re getting busier and busier it can feel like there is no right time to start looking into project management and job tracking.

While every business is different and the timing will be right at different points, there are a few good reasons why adopting a new system at the start of the year makes a lot of sense. Here are the top four reasons why, if your business is ready, making the change now could be a good call. 

Start the new year strong

Usually changing to a new job costing system comes with exciting new advancements. Getting set up and ready to go in 2022 can help you set a precedent for the new year. Starting the new year with a new system helps your team has a definitive starting point. 

That might help, especially if your team are resistant to moving across to a new system. Giving them a hard reset date, as the start of 202 can help them to make a new adjustment quickly.

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Set benchmarks for the next twelve months

The crossing over between years is usually when you’re business plans ahead and sets goals for the next six to twelve months. Crossing over to a job tracking system now can help you collect better information and therefore have better insights into how you’ve progressed with the goals set. 

By moving over to a new system at the same time you set your goals, you can know that your information will be consistently collected over the whole period. In other words, you’re getting accurate data right from the start. 

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Get the benefits earlier

It might seem obvious, but the faster you implement your new system, the sooner you can reap the benefits. That doesn’t mean rushing into it without proper planning, but the sooner you start the process the earlier you can get up and running. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already decided that your business could use a job costing system. So, by prioritizing moving to your new system sooner you can get to solving your business problems earlier. 

Use your downtime to get set up

If your business gets quieter over the Christmas break then it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your downtime. Swapping over systems can be quite time-intensive, so getting it down when you have capacity makes a lot of sense. 

It also gives you time to train up your team and get them prepared for the new year. 

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