4 Reasons Fabricators choose WorkGuru

WorkGuru | 4 Reasons Fabricators choose WorkGuru

WorkGuru has been purpose-built to help manage everything from templated builds to large, complex and bespoke projects. Because of this, there are so many features that help fabricators manage their business, projects and teams with ease.

While there is a tonne of features, here are the top 4 reasons why fabricators love WorkGuru


Understanding your project profitability

One of the best things about WorkGuru is the ability to see your projects forecast and actual profitability in real-time. Right from quoting your client, you can see your margins. As your team work on your project, you can keep track of how well you’ve kept to your estimated time and costs. 

WorkGuru makes it easy to stay on top of your projects with easy to check widgets that let you see the time spent, the cost of parts used, the estimated profit and the actual amount made so far. Plus, as your team can quickly update the records in real-time, your dashboards stay up-t0-date and let you act quickly.

By getting extra visibility, your business is suddenly in a better position to make decisions and changes to improve. 

Here are other ways that WorkGuru can help you improve your profitability. 


Manage your stock and know what you have

Not understanding what you have on hand can be a disaster. Whether it’s over-promising and not being able to deliver, or spending to replenish stock well before it’s needed, there are a lot of hidden costs associated with poor inventory management.

WorkGuru lets you keep your stock up to date with minimal effort. In fact, your team can draw down from stock, or request more stock to be ordered if the numbers are low. Watch the video below to see how you can update your stock in less than 30 seconds.

When it comes to quoting, you can see not only the numbers you have on stock but also the FIFO (first in, first out) cost of those items. It means that if you work with materials that have versatile costs, like steel, you can stay profitable on the stock you have.


Keep track of assets you build and maintain 

Depending on what you build or maintain, keeping track of your assets could be crucial. WorkGuru’s asset management features let you keep track of every asset you make, which customer it’s with and what work has been done. With custom fields, you can record practically any information that you need. Records are completely searchable so your team can quickly find any assets that you’ve worked on before, and bring up all the information about projects related to that asset, no matter if it’s changed hands to a new customer in that time.

Queensland-based Craven Industries uses these tools to manage its equipment nationwide. Read their thoughts on WorkGuru by clicking here.

“When equipment is returned to us, we can quickly update the hours of operation for that equipment. It means that we can understand the history of that asset, and it helps us keep it in the best condition for the job”

- Craig, Craven Industries


Manage your team in the workshop and on remote jobs

Whether you work from one location or send your team out on-site, WorkGuru gives you the tools to track their time and see what they’ve worked on. It can be hard to understand what your team is working on, and how long they’ve spent on projects when your team work on-site. If you rely on your team filling in timesheets at the end of the day, it’s likely to result in inaccurate records.


The WorkGuru kiosk can help your team to input their timesheets, materials used and project notes while they work. Because projects and timesheets are updated at the same time, you can save hours on admin time.


Read how Border Fabrication uses WorkGuru on the go


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WorkGuru | 4 Reasons Fabricators choose WorkGuru