4 management features that construction businesses need

WorkGuru | 4 management features that construction businesses need

Managing a construction business is a lot of work. With sites, staff members, subcontractors, equipment and materials to manage there is a lot to think about and it can build up quickly. Not to mention lining up your next job and getting new clients. 

But you don’t need to do all of this alone, or even hire someone into the position. WorkGuru is a project management solution that can help you with practically all the aspects of running a business every day.

Here are the top 4 things that construction businesses love about WorkGuru.io

Track your team in real-time

Your team will likely be on-site (and out-of-sight) for most of their shift, and you’ll want to know that they're making the most of their time without looking over their shoulder. WorkGuru allows you to track how long your team worked and what project they worked in a real-time and non-intrusive way.

Enter the WorkGuru kiosk. Our virtual kiosk can be used on-site and allows any user to log in with a pin and start tracking their time for a particular job. They can also write notes to record if something had to be redone or took longer than expected. The kiosk also allows them to record what stock items they used on a project, updating your on-hand stock at that site and assigning the cost to that project, all in a couple of clicks.

Basically, the kiosk makes it easy for your team to report the right information and makes it easy to track and understand what it means. 

WorkGuru Forms can also let you get approval on timesheets at the end of every day.


Control your costs, quotes and progress claims

Because WorkGuru allows your team to track their time on a project and the resources they use you can have accurate, up-to-date information about how much was quoted, what's been paid, and how much it has cost you. Your project dashboard will show you how much profit you have made and how much you will make at the completion of the job. 

WorkGuru also supports progress claims & milestone invoicing, allowing you to claim for a portion of the total, or all costs incurred so far. We make it really easy to see what's been invoiced and you can generate a new invoice and send in a few clicks (no need for mental maths). 


Keep records of your assets

Whether it’s a whole property you’ve built or a piece of equipment that you need to maintain, WorkGuru’s asset feature allows you to record key information about that item.

With this record, you can save information like the approved quote, photos of the finished products, building permits and approvals. Keeping this information handy allows you to refer back easily if you ever need to. If you use it to track your own equipment, like a digger, you can see when it was last serviced and any issues it has.  With custom fields that you can add yourself, the uses are practically limitless.


Group small projects to manage big jobs

Building projects are large, complex and often changing. WorkGuru allows you to group multiple projects together, so you can manage variations or larger projects in individual sections. This is particularly useful when you have jobs that span over months or years, or when there are obvious phases.

If you know that Phase 1 of a project will start next month, but phase 2 won’t happen for another six months, you can create two separate yet grouped projects to manage each phase. It can help you build out your work calendar and schedule your team accordingly. It also means you can manage your costs and progress across all projects. 


Business Management tools for Construction Businesses

If you are interested in project management software for architects or feel that your business could benefit from the above features, it might be time to give WorkGuru a go. Reach out today and request a free training session with our sales team

Alternatively, read more about how we can help your business.


WorkGuru | 4 management features that construction businesses need

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