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For the last 4 years, I’ve been consulting with small and medium businesses across Australia in every conceivable type of industry. From fish processors, to mining contractors, lift manufacturers, construction companies and architects, I’ve had the privilege of seeing how companies across Australia manage their day-to-day work requirements.

Throughout that period of time, I’ve worked with a few dozen software platforms, each with specific strengths and weaknesses across those industries, and as often became clear, there were some significant gaps in the market, particularly for clients seeking solutions for multiple problems.

Often I would be asked about solutions to handle project management and inventory, or project management and task scheduling, or even product manufacturing and maintenance.

While there are definitely solutions in the market for these things, my clients kept telling me that they either weren’t hitting the mark, and if they wanted something that did, the costs would be astronomical.

After hearing this continually for a year or two, and not getting as far as I’d like with existing software partners, as awesome as they are, I decided to build my own, and thus WorkGuru was born. I roped my business partner from Rype, Michael Davis, into helping me design some workflows which would work across every industry that we could think of, and then set out to build WorkGuru according to those processes.

WorkGuru is designed to be an extremely lightweight ERP style solution that will help businesses manage their projects, their inventory, their costs and their assets. While WorkGuru is in its Beta stage at the moment, and let’s face it - no software product is ever finished, it already provides features that no other solution on the market does.

Our invoicing platform allows you to invoice percentages, completed tasks only, actual hours and materials usage or a combination of all of these.

Our Project Groups feature lets you join related projects together to get a complete overview of your costs on a multiphase project, as well as individual ones.

Our timesheet tracking and FIFO materials costing functionality lets you know exactly how much each project has cost to deliver.

At WorkGuru, we are far from finished. We have a list of things as long as our arm that we want to build for our clients, and frankly, we’ll never be done. For the moment, our focus is on making our interface prettier and getting our accounting integration with Xero certified. Once we’ve done that, we’ll go and ask the our customers (and potential customers) what they’re looking for, because the whole point of this platform was to put the customer at the centre, and in control.

If anything about WorkGuru appeals to you, or one of your clients, express your interest at www.workguru.io. Alternatively, if there’s something that a client of yours absolutely must have, let us know, and we can look at building it into the platform.

I look forward to the crazy journey that’s ahead, and hope to add value to our customers, every single day.

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