5 Warning signs your project management is ineffective

WorkGuru | 5 Warning signs your project management is ineffective

Losing money, not getting any clear insights on your business and spending too long on admin are all signs that your project management systems or tools may be failing you. Take a deep dive into the top signs that it might be time for a job management upgrade. 


Your Projects Consistently Lose Profit

There is nothing worse than working hard just to move backwards. Without proper, real-time visibility the profitability of your projects can quickly go downhill, even if planned out perfectly.

That’s because things rarely go to plan, and if you aren’t keeping up with your real costs that it can quickly snowball. Things like overtime, stock shortages that blow out the projects or changes to the project’s scope could be cutting into your profit. We cover this more in “WorkGuru Kiosk Helps You Uncover Hidden Data In Your Business”.


A project management software that helps you track what your team are doing and how long you’ve spent on the project can help you stay within your quoted time. Keeping good track of the costs of your stock can also help you make money, even when you work with materials that fluctuate in price. FIFO, perpetual inventory management can help with keeping track of your cost


You Forget Jobs Until Their Due

If your workshop is getting busy, it’s normal for some things to move to the back burner until their due. But, if you or your team is consistently missing jobs, or waiting until clients call to see how a project is going, it might be a sign that your mental load is too high. 

A project management system can help you keep track of what projects you have on and help you feel in control. Scheduling and capacity planning tools can help you know what you’ve got on, not overbook your team, and give your customers a realistic expectation of when work will be done. It helps you feel more in control and gives you more visibility over your projects.

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You’re Guesstimating Your Costs Every Time

It’s not possible to absolutely know your costs every time. But, even if every project is unique, you should be able to pull from past experience to understand your future costs. If your project management system or tools is not helping you to understand your costs and quotes, then it might be time for a change.

Easier, more accurate quoting can mean a lot for your business, from more consistently making a profit to reducing the admin time on creating new quotes. WorkGuru can help you template your quotes to create new quotes faster. Because WorkGuru also makes record keeping a lot simpler, it’s also much easier to find previous, similar jobs to help guide you when quoting so you and the team don’t have to start from scratch every time. 


You Don’t Know What Happened Three Months Ago

Your businesses history is important. The more history you have easy access to, the more data you have to work with to make informed decisions. If you don’t have easy access to data about your business from three months ago, then you could be missing out on opportunities. 

Knowing the projects your business worked on previously can help you to schedule in new jobs and follow up with old clients that would be due a service. Understanding previous quotes can help you build new templates for projects that come up time and time again. You can also uncover common issues, but without easily accessing historical data, it will be much more work to get useful insights. 

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Your team really hates keeping records

This final point might feel like a curveball, after all, nobody likes paperwork. But there is a difference between initial resistance and grumbling that works not been done and actually hating the process. 

If your team feel that the admin they are doing is just busy work then they will likely be unmotivated to spend extra time on it, and being reprimanded for not doing it can make employees feel that their actual work is undervalued

So, a project management system that requires data from your team should make it as easy as possible for them. Fast and easy tools that make it quick to input correct information is key. The data should also be able to help your team to do their job easier so that they can see the impact and are motivated to input accurate information. Dashboards, up-to-date stock information, and project history that help your whole team can help you overcome project-management-apathy. 

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