This free tool will show you the hidden costs of your job costing software

WorkGuru | This free tool will show you the hidden costs of your job costing software

Have you ever wondered how much your stock and labour are costing your business each year? Do you know how much you’re spending on resources that aren’t bringing money back into your business? These questions often keep business owners awake at night, and for good reason. 

That’s why this free ROI calculator was developed, to help business owners see the money they might lose because of inaccurate reporting. By answering a few quick questions, you can use the calculator to uncover some of the hidden costs of your project management. You’ll get a report emailed through showing you how the numbers have been crunched and what that might mean for your business. 

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Why is understanding your ROI on time and stock reporting important? 

A lot of industries that work with physical stock often run on slim profit margins and can’t afford to be spending on the stock that doesn’t sell or staff hours that don’t get billed forward. Even with decent margins, if you aren’t accurately recording what’s been used, you might still be ending up losing $100,000s of what should be profit. 

Understanding how much inaccuracies cost can also help you to improve. By knowing where you currently stand, you’re in a better position to make decisions and changes. Plus, you can use your existing point as a benchmark for success. For example, you may want to set a goal of increasing timesheet accuracy by 20% or upping overall profitability by 5%. You can use your existing data to do that and measure your success.

How does the calculator work?

Our team have years of experience in business software consultation. Once you hit submit, our team will pull together your personalised report and shoot through the info you need in an email. Combining things like the cost of hours, the mark-up on stock and stock on hand value, we’ll give you a powerful look into your business.

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