3 benefits to starting the new year right with powerful job tracking software

WorkGuru | 3 benefits to starting the new year right with powerful job tracking software

If you’re looking to get the most out of 2022 then job tracking software can help. By helping you understand your costs, stock and team time better, software like WorkGuru gives you the control you need to get more out of the year. 

Get your stock in order

Knowing your stock on hand can help you make decisions for your business. Using real-time stock reporting and tools that help you keep stocked up on the materials you need, WorkGuru makes managing your stock easy. As we head into another year that will likely continue the shortages and delays of the past two years, understanding your stock is more important than ever.

WorkGuru.io can help you keep control of your stock and keep your records up to date. It’s easy to check, add and remove stock to make sure you’re working with accurate numbers. 

Start the year with accurate stock numbers, costs and prices.  

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Understand your margins

Want to make money on every job? Without being able to track your costs and margins it can be hard to know which jobs make money and which don’t. WorkGuru.io can help you build templates for your projects and understand your forecast profits before you start working.

WorkGuru.io also give you the tools to track your costs while you work, so you can keep up to date in real-time. It means that you can keep while you work and make sure your projects stay on track. 

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Know your team’s schedule

Make sure you have enough time in a day to complete your work, and enough work to fill your team’s time. WorkGuru’s click and drag scheduling tools let you see your upcoming projects, reassign them to available team members and times. 

It means you can have more visibility and control over your deadlines and schedule. With labour being a huge cost in most businesses, knowing what you’re team are doing and what work they have can help you plan your projects and deadlines. It also means you can give your clients realistic expectations around when the project can be done. 

Watch the video to learn more about WorkGuru.io’s project scheduling tools. 

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