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Watch our previous webinars

Making Projects Profitable Webinar

Originally broadcast 3rd Dec 2020, this webinar covered:

  • The importance of tracking your Projects
  • Tracking your Project Costs
  • How Real Time tracking improves your cashflow
  • How Templating your Common Projects is Key

Getting Started With Stock Control

Originally broadcast 23rd March 2021, this webinar covered:

  • Stock control and Accounting
  • Adding stock control to your project management
  • Stock control workflows
  • General tips and tricks

Manufacturing for the Mining & Agritech Industry

Originally broadcast 22nd June 2021, this webinar covered:

  • Steel price volatility
  • Shortage of freight capacity
  • Skilled labour shortage
  • R&D Incentives
  • IAWO’s

    Project Management Tips For Manufactuers

    Originally broadcast 20th July 2021, this webinar covered:

    • Tips for setting up projects
    • Tracking your actuals
    • A live Demo of WorkGuru’s project management features