Purchasing and Purchase Order Management

Purchasing is a big part of business, and staying on top of your purchase orders and supplier invoices is key to maintaining profitability and good cash flow.

WorkGuru’s simple, but powerful purchasing platform allows your to take control of your purchase orders, and your financial destiny!

Project management for Architects

Project Purchasing

Purchasing on your projects can be a large element of your costs, and it's important to stay on top of it.
Whether you're buying stock for a job, or paying for subcontractors, WorkGuru makes it powerfully simple.

Stock Purchase Orders

When you're raising a purchase order for stock to go on the shelves, it's important to know what you've got, and how much it cost you. With our stock Purchase Orders you can maintain your levels and costing quickly and easily.

Shortage Forecasts

Running out of stock that you need to finish a job is always a pain!
WorkGuru gives you powerful tools to look at your projects in progress, and raise Purchase Orders for the stock that's missing, but required to finish them.

Order to Par Levels

Maintaining a base level of stock is crucial, particularly if your purchase orders can take a long time to arrive.
By using WorkGuru's Par Levels and purchasing to replenish them, you'll never run out of stock

See your incoming and approved purchase orders at a glance, to ensure that you know how much you’ve ordered, and what it’s going to cost you.

WorkGuru lets you quickly and easily order straight from your jobs’ material list. Whether you want to order everything for the job, just what’s out-of-stock, or specify specific items, WorkGuru makes your purchasing easy.


If you’ve got items that you need to order from a specific supplier, WorkGuru makes purchasing them easy. 

Simply raise a Purchase Order and select to “Build a Supplier Order Form” and you can quickly and easily purchase everything that you need from that supplier.

If you need to purchase for multiple jobs at the same time, WorkGuru makes it simply with our Advanced Purchase Order functionality.

Simply select the supplier you’re ordering from, and the jobs for which you need to buy, and WorkGuru will add the materials you need to the purchase order.

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Get your sales process started on the right foot, by generating a detailed formal quote for your clients.


WorkGuru lets you forecast your costs and your margins as you go, to make sure you’re never in the red before you start!
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Stock Control

Stock Control is an incredibly important part of your business and we’re here to help.

Stock Control

With functionality to track thousands of items, in multiple warehouses, WorkGuru is your go-to solution for your inventory needs
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Internal Manufacuting

Sometimes you need to make things for yourself to put into stock.

Internal Manufactuing

Whether you’re selling them to clients, or using them on other projects that you’re working on, we’ve got you covered.
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Over 40 Standard Reports, and a Custom Report Builder


With over 40 Standard Reports, and a Custom Report Builder Everything you ever needed to know about your business is available at your fingertips.
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