4 Simple Ways Project Management Saves You Time

WorkGuru | 4 Simple Ways Project Management Saves You Time

A good project management system can positively affect your business in loads of ways. From helping improve efficiency to giving you a better, more informed way to make decisions, updating your project management system can revolutionise your business. One of the ways that your business can benefit is by  improving and understand how you and your team use your work time.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

You need to get a good idea of what your team is currently doing in order to improve. Otherwise, you aren’t able to effectively set goals and measure your success. 

As MYOB put in a recent blog, “The first step to improving any organisation’s time management is to gather detailed information regarding the time employees spend on any given task, and to make that information available for analysis, ideally in real-time.”

A project management system like WorkGuru can help you gather this information as your teamwork and have it ready for analysis in real-time. It helps you collect information without adding a huge amount of admin to your team’s workday. You can also generate reports daily, weekly or monthly to track your progress. 


Create a constant feedback loop

Once a project management system is set up, you can be constantly trialling new time-saving methods and getting feedback on their effectiveness. Because you’ll be recording your information all the time, you can be in the process of constant improvement. 

You and your team will also be constantly getting better and better at understanding how much time certain tasks take. It means you’ll be able to quote more accurately and keep more of your time profitability.

A project management system can help your team constantly improve their time management and quoting practices.


Increase awareness with your team

Giving your team visibility and control over their time management and productivity can help them to be proactive. Because your team can see their time in real-time, they are more able to identify overtime issues and stop them before they happen. Each team member will have the tools to be more accountable, and more informed about how they use their time. With software that tracks in real-time, it means your team can adjust their work, or flag any issues before they occur. 

Ultimately, if you're team are better able to understand and manage their time, then you can stop issues that arise from working overtime on projects and improve your profitability.


Reduce your admin time

A good project management system will help you cut down on admin time in a substantial way, especially if you are moving from a paper approach. You would be amazed how much time your team or yourself actually spend every week on things that don’t make you money. 

Struggling to read the handwriting on team timesheets, trying to find a paper trail for the previous job history or working out what stock you’re running short on could all be taking hours out of your workweek that could be spent generating revenue.

A solution like WorkGuru automates or makes easier a lot of the day-to-day admin to help you save time and money.

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Think you could improve your time management with WorkGuru?

If you’re looking for a new project management system that can improve your productivity and time management, then WorkGuru might be the right fit.

The all-in-one business operations platform can help you manage projects, stock, quotes, invoicing and CRM all in one place.

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WorkGuru | 4 Simple Ways Project Management Saves You Time