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Laurus Bookkeeping

Ph: +61738792090
Email: cassandra@laurus.com.au

ABOUT Laurus Bookkeeping

Xero Platinum Partners. Job Management system integrators.

Implementing cloud-based systems and services that utilize the latest technology, Laurus aims to be the bridge between you and your success - whether as a business owner or a fellow bookkeeper.

We have over 20 years experience providing bookkeeping, systems integration and business support services across a range of industries.

Our team are astute, confident and frequently relied upon to liaise directly with clients accountants, and their clients and suppliers to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

We work at a strategic level with our clients to support continued business growth.

We have the ability to review and introduce internal accounts management systems to businesses to ensure bookkeeping costs are kept to a minimum.

Our skill base is constantly updated through involvement in professional discussion forums, and industry based training.

We provide mentoring services to other bookkeepers and contribute to ongoing discussion and development of programs regarding the evolution of the bookkeeping industry.