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ABOUT ConTech Solutions Ltd

Let's face it - construction is complex. It’s really hard to successfully manage all of the moving parts. Even the smallest players in the industry need to think about take-offs, pricing, quoting, contract management, timesheet entry, payroll, ACC levies, health and safety, job management, resource management, tendering, variations, purchasing, invoicing, retentions, profitability reporting, bill payments, GST returns, tax returns, and more. Managing these complexities can be challenging. And it hasn’t been much more than a decade since spreadsheets were about your only option.

These days there is a huge array of digital online apps designed to make all of the above challenges a whole lot easier. In fact, there are so many solutions out there, that we now have the opposite problem - it is hard to choose which option is the right one! That's where we come in.

We research and identify the best-in-class software for each of the main construction industry subgroups, become experts in that software, then provide the services you need to make it part of your success story. Our team can call on more than 300 years of combined experience in the construction and technology industries.

Consider us an extension of your business. We can help optimise the software you need to improve business productivity and profitability, while you focus on your core trade.

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