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4 ways that project groups can help you organise your work

Managing multiple projects, or large complex jobs can be tricky business. WorkGuru’s project groups let you manage multiple projects at once or break complex jobs into smaller, manageable tasks.  Depending on your business and your processes, there are a number of ways that you can set up a project group,

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Save admin time with this easy payroll process

For most people, payday can be pretty exciting, but for those left running the payroll admin behind the scenes, it can mean hours of extra work to squeeze into their day! Chasing incomplete timesheets, entering data and trying to interpret quickly scribbled notes and numbers can be a huge headache.

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5 ways timesheets could be improving your business

The goal is simple when it comes to time management: try and do more with less. When you run your own business, time is one of your greatest resources and expenses. Tracking time is crucial… but a pain in the neck! But, good time tracking can help you understand your

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