4 ways to organise better with project groups

WorkGuru | 4 ways to organise better with project groups

WorkGuru is packed with features that make project management easier, more intuitive and more powerful! One of those tools is project groups which help you organise and manage multiple projects together in one place while keeping the projects separate. 

Here are the top four ways that project groups can help you stay organised and get the most of out WorkGuru. 


Track everything together, while staying organised

Sometimes you manage projects that are linked together in some way. Perhaps you have multiple jobs for the same client, or phases that will start and end at different times, or perhaps a series of projects that will be done by a particular team. Project Groups can help you keep all of these things linked together while letting you manage projects separately still. 

When you group projects together, you can easily keep your eye on the big picture and not later phases or side projects fall between the cracks. 


Get a super quick snapshot

When you’ve grouped projects together, you can also group your project metrics too. This means that if you want to understand how a series of projects are performing you don’t have to check in on them individually. 

You can quickly make sure that you are overall profitable on that group without a deep dive into the data. Information like the amount invoices, the tasks completed and the total cost is at your fingertips straight away. 

WorkGuru | 4 ways to organise better with project groups

Invoice all at once

One of the features that customers love about project groups is the ability to invoice for the whole group. So, if you’ve got a group that contains multiple projects that you’ve worked on for a particular client, you can generate one end of month invoice for all the work. It saves you time and makes payment easier for your customers.

You can still invoice for a percentage of the total or for completed actuals, just like you can when you’re invoicing from a single project. 


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Drill down further with your projects

Conversely, in addition to helping you group projects together to see the bigger picture, project groups give you the flexibility to drill down deeper if needed. 

While you don’t want to overcomplicate it, you can ‘nest’ project groups to have multiple layers. So, when you’re working on large tasks and complex jobs, you are able to set up your projects at a level that makes sense.

For example, if you are working on building a house, you might create projects for each phase of the build, then group those under a project group for the whole house, then group that under all the builds you are working on for that client or contract. 


Interested in project groups to help you organise your work? 

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