3 ways to organise construction projects

WorkGuru | 3 ways to organise construction projects

With more and more technology to support your business, there are always new and improved ways that you can better organise your construction projects. Whether you work on a couple of big projects in a year, or work on hundreds of projects here are some tried and true ways to help your team stay organised.

Keep easy to find records

Regardless of the size of your projects, making sure you keep good records has so many benefits when it comes to staying organized. For example, making sure your team are keeping track of what tasks they have completed and when they did it well help you understand how well you are keeping to schedule? Without collecting this information, you might not know if you can meet your deadline until it is fast approaching. 

Keeping records of your customers, previous projects and accurate records like photos and forms can help you keep organised. Whether it’s saving time on quoting, or being able to immediately check back on the scope of the work, make sure you’re keeping your records consistent and up to date. But always remember, there is no point in keeping records if you’re not able to find them later! Make sure you stay consistent with what your keeping track of and where across all your projects. 

Know who is doing what

You’ve got to always have your finger on the pulse of who is doing what in your business. This goes beyond simply rostering who is working that day, but deciding what people will be doing and who will be responsible. If you have multiple sites, it may be key to assign a project manager to each project who can help manage the day to day and keep the team on task. 

By being clear over who is responsible, you can save a lot of time double-handling your projects. Keep clear, checkable records of what people will be doing in the future, and who has completed what tasks. 

Break down and connect projects

If you are managing intricate projects, there could be hundreds or even thousands of individual tasks that need to be done. In order to keep track of the smaller tasks, or stay on track over a long period, it may be necessary to break your projects down into smaller steps. You can break down your projects into phases to better manage your progress step by step, or break it down by the team responsible. 

It means that your team can focus on the tasks that matter to them without having to sift through irrelevant information to do their job. If you do manage separate phases as separate projects, it is important to always keep the big picture in mind too. Grouping together projects can help you drill down while making sure the whole project is moving forward. 


Want to organise your construction projects better?

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WorkGuru | 3 ways to organise construction projects