New Feature: Purchase Order Approval Limits

WorkGuru | New Feature: Purchase Order Approval Limits

With WorkGuru.io, you can set different Purchaser Order limits for each team member in your business. 

It means that approving purchase orders isn’t an on/off switch and you can grant different team members different levels of permission depending on the max dollar amount you want them to be able to approve. 

So, if you're happy for project managers to be able to approve purchase up to $500, but want your admin team to approve any purchases above that, you can use WorkGuru.io to set those approvals. 

How do purchase order approval limits work?

You can set approval limits for each staff member in the permissions section. Once the permission is set, that staff member will no longer have the option to approve purchase orders that are over the amount specified. 

So, if their limit is $10,000, then they will no longer be able to approve purchase orders that are over $10,000 before tax. As soon as the $10,000 limit is reached, the button allowing them to ‘save and approve’ will be removed.

Want to see the new feature in action? Check out the video. 

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The feature is the latest to be added to a number of variable permissions that already existed in WorkGuru.io. See all the permission options that WorkGuru.io offers on our support site

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