Building an Excellent Manufacturing Team with 3 Easy steps

WorkGuru | Building an Excellent Manufacturing Team with 3 Easy steps

Having a great manufacturing team is a solid foundation for a  successful business. While people do come and go from your team, having a good culture can help you attract dedicated people and grow your business. 

While every business is different, there are some things that you can do to help foster a positive team environment and keep team members happy. 

Here are three things you can do to help foster a positive environment. 

Acknowledgement and appreciation

Everybody likes recognition for a job well done. While some people prefer one on one conversations, others a bonus and some a round of applause, it’s always nice to give your team the credit they deserve when they are performing well. 

It’s important to try to be impartial and fair when giving kudos to your team, or it could have the opposite effect. Picking key, data-driven metrics and communicating these with your team is key.

For example, you might want to set a number of won deals each month for your sales team, or a project margin goal for your operational staff. Solutions like WorkGuru can help you track these stats quickly and easily, making understanding and acknowledging the work of your team that much easier. 

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Training opportunities

Providing opportunities for growth and development mean better job security and stability for employees. Helping your manufacturing team to stay up to date with the latest training and crucial technology can help them feel valued and important.

It can also benefit your business to have staff that are able to work more effectively. Whether it’s teaching them to use technology to their benefit, cross-skilling roles or supporting your staff to seek other training opportunities you and your staff can both benefit from.

Ask for feedback

If you are looking for ways to improve your business and connect with your team, then asking for genuine feedback can take you a long way. Depending on your workplace the best approach could be anything from an open-door policy, to a dedicated time at the weekly meeting or a whiteboard in the lunchroom. 

Your team are on the tools every day and often have a lot of ideas to solve problems (that you might not even know they are having). 

Staff often value having their problems and solutions heard out and it can go a long way to building a strong team. 

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