Managing Variations

Managing variations can be a paperwork pain, and a profitability nightmare without the right tools! 
WorkGuru makes variations easy with several options for dealing with them!
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Variations can really make projects tricky

We've Got Options - Lots of Options

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Project Groups - For Things that Need Quoting

If you need to quote your variations separately, BUT still report on them together, Project Groups are for you.

Simply create a Project Group for your main Project, and Add a New Quote for the Variation. When it's accepted, it'll create the variation project and link it to the group! Voila!
PG Quote for Variations
WorkGuru | Variations

Just Edit the Project - For Small Variations

If you're adding one or two things to the project and you don't need to go through the rigmarole of a new quote, you can simply edit the project to add the line items for your variations.

This won't impact your original estimate/quote, but it will update your forecast and how you can invoice on the project.

Get a Variations Approval Form Signed

If you're doing small variations that don't need to be explicitly requoted, but you want to get the client's acknowledgement of the change in scope, get them to sign a WorkGuru form!

A variations form with a simple scope, value, and signature from the client can be setup in minutes, and save you hours of work, and thousands of dollars later on.
WorkGuru | Variations
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