Stock Usage that Attributes Real Costs to Your Projects

Record what you used on a project and when you used it using WorkGuru's Stock Usage tool, and always have real time data on your profitability and stock levels.
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Stock Usage

Track what you use, when you use it

and your stock will always be right!

Taking Goods out of Stock for a Project

When you want to record stock that you've used on a Project, simply Add Materials on the job in WorkGuru. This records who used what, and when.  You can also "Use All Forecast" to bring in the estimated quantities of everything you'd quoted for the job!

It handles the inventory management side of things and the project costing for you automatically! 
Add Stock Usage
Non-Stock Usage

Enter Non-Inventory Stock Usage

If you want to add costs to a job, but they're not really things that come out of stock, you can simply use a non-stock product.
Whether you're wanting to record Workshop Consumables, Kilometres Travelled, or an Environmental Levy - it's a breeze!
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