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Whether you need Gantt charts, an overview of staff capacity or daily calendar scheduling functionality, WorkGuru has a scheduling view for you! 
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WorkGuru | Scheduling

Scheduling sometimes seems like a full-time job

If only you had time to fit it in

Gantt Chart - Project Scheduling

When you need to see everything happening from and Project and Task point of view, you'll love our project schedule view. Each project and it's tasks can be scheduled quickly and easily, and the drag and drop UI is simple, and powerful.
Gantt chart scheduling
WorkGuru | Scheduling

Staff Scheduling

Need to see how overloaded a staff member is? Have you assigned them 10 different jobs all due in the same week? Our staff schedule view will show you in seconds how things stand, and let you fix them with a drag and drop!

Calendar Scheduling

Do you need to schedule your day in great detail? Whether you're sending field staff to site, or booking out chunks of time for specific client work, WorkGuru's calendar scheduling tool is perfect for you.

It even publishes a feed for your Google or Outlook calendar!
Calendar Scheduling example
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