Reporting Makes The World Go Round

Simple to use and powerful reports are a cornerstone of good job management software. Get insights into everything that's happening in seconds.
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That which is measured, gets improved.

Except your height - you're stuck with that.
Prebuilt Reports

Dozens of Prebuilt Reports

WorkGuru has over 60 pre-built reports that you can use from Day 1. From project Profitabillity, Staff Activity, and Revenue Forecast reports, to Stock on Hand and Sales by Product, you can find what you need to get a clear picture of your operations.

Drag and Drop Pivot Tables

Every report in WorkGuru is a pivot table. That means that you can drag the rows, columns and data fields into the format that you need, to get the exact report that you want. 

Our reporting engine by default brings in your custom fields on all reports they relate to, and you can group, filter and even sort by custom field values until your heart is content!

WorkGuru | Reporting
WorkGuru | Reporting

Build Your Own Custom Reports

If our reports aren't enough, you've got free reign to build your own! Using our reports as a base, you can add and remove fields, move rows, columns and datasets to suit, and save it for your future reference!
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