Multiple Locations can make stock management tricky

Stay on top of it with ease with WorkGuru's built in handling of multiple stock locations, that even handle staff and projects.
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Mastering stock control

multiple locations can MEAN multipe Headaches

Unless you've got WorkGuru on your side.

Configure as Many Locations as You Need

WorkGuru supports as many stock locations as you need, with no extra cost on your monthly subscription. 

Having multiple locations allows you to easily select the right delivery address on purchases, stock take each location individually, and move stock between your warehouses as required.
Multiple Stock Locations
WorkGuru | Multiple Stock Locations

Assign Staff and Projects to a Location

You never want your staff having to say where they're getting their stock from, so WorkGuru allows you to set the location of a project, AND the default location of a staff member for when it comes to using stock.
That way you don't have someone on a project in Brisbane, using goods from the Sydney warehouse accidentally!

Purchase to Warehouse

Our Purchase Order Module seamlessly accounts for multiple warehouses, and lets you specify with a single click where deliveries are heading to. 
That lets you keep on top of what each location has on hand, and what's incoming from the dashboard in just seconds.
Purchase to Location