Internal Production Jobs

Production Jobs handle your internal production requirements, and let you track time, materials, and purchases that go into making new stock
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Internal Production Jobs

An Internal Production Job is just like a Project

Except that the output is Stock on Hand

Make What You Need from Raw Parts

If you have sub assemblies, or stocked components that you make in house to keep on the shelf, Production Jobs are your go to.
Having all of the power of WorkGuru's Projects, you can track all time, materials and purchases that go into making your stocked components for the shelf!
Internal Production jobs list
Production Job Templates

Leverage Production Job Templates

Simplify your BOMs and include the time component to accurately gauge what each part costs you, including staff wages and external purchases.

Assembly or Dissassembly

Whether you're putting things together, or taking them apart, we've got you covered.

Production Jobs support multiple output and input lines, so it doesn't matter if you're building doors, or taking old helicopters apart, we're here to help.
Production Job Outputs
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