Custom Dashboards

Reports are great, but Dashboards give you information at a glance that let you do a health check on your whole business.

Use our Custom Dashboard to show the information that you need the minute that you log into your account
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Looking at Dashboards

Because A Graphic is Worth 1000 Words

They're also pretty, and easier to read!

Build Your Own Custom Dashboards

Every user, business owner, manager, and executive will all want to see different metrics as part of their role in managing the business. With WorkGuru's custom dashboards, each of them can set the dashboard to show exactly what it is that the care about.
WorkGuru | Custom Dashboards
Default Dashboard example

Customise For Other Staff

Don't want your staff seeing sensitive information? No worries at all. You can set up a default dashboard for end users that only shows them things like their timesheets, Projects, and Tasks to be completed - keeping your financial data in safe hands.

Our Widget Library at Your Fingertips

Build your custom dashboards out of our more than 20 pre-built widgets, simply by arranging them on your screen in the layout that works for you.
WorkGuru | Custom Dashboards
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