Client Management is the life-blood of your business

Make client management easy, and get on with doing the work that puts the money in the bank!
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Client Management from Laptop and Phone

Every Client Record - Quickly Accessible

Who did the work, what they did, and what you charged - right at your fingertips.

Every Operational Record for Your Clients on one Screen

When you need to look up ANY client record for work that you've done, it shouldn't be a scramble through a filing cabinet, or a never-ending search of the server.

With a few clicks, and some basic information, you can find anything you've ever done in WorkGuru
Client Overview screen showing multiple projects
Client pricing

Client Pricing

Do you like some clients better than others? Do some give you heaps more business?

With WorkGuru's UNLIMITED pricing tiers, you can set custom prices for your clients that reward your big spenders, and keeps your contract pricing separate from your standard price lists

Do you Need to Invoice A Different Entity?

Sometimes, the client we do the work for, and the one who pays the bill, aren't and can't be the same. If you do a lot of insurance work, this is your every day!

WorkGuru gives you the flexibility to set a default Billing Client, or a Billing Client per job to handle the day-to-day requirements of your billing.
Billing entity terms and currency
Client custom fields

Capture The Extra Info With Custom Fields

A lot of our clients need to capture extra information about their clients that we didn't think of when we built the platform!

With our unlimited number of client custom fields, bringing all the extra data that you need into WorkGuru is a simple step of configuration. 

And Yes, You can report on all of your custom fields too!