Asset History Tracking

If you manufacture or service vehicles, equipment or other long-lived assets, our asset history tracking makes recording and auditing that work a breeze.
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Hydromech Hoist Asset

We Call it an Asset, Because "Things That You Do Work On" Was Too Long

If you can come up with something better -  let us know!

Record a Project Against an Asset

Whether it's the initial job to manufacture the asset, a service job down the line, or a warranty repair - tagging the asset against the project means that you'll always have a list of everything you've done on that asset. That includes details all the way down to timesheets, and parts you've used. 
WorkGuru | Asset History
Asset History

Change The Owner - Keep The History

When a client sells an asset, you can simply change the client that owns it; and keep the history of all the work you did in the same place. 

Service Work Audit Trails

Sometimes you need to be able to provide a list of everything you've ever done on a piece of equipment, either to an investigative body or its owner. 

With out Asset Document templates, creating a report of all the work ever done takes seconds, rather than days trawling through old records.
WorkGuru | Asset History