Project Groups & Creating Bulk Service Jobs

WorkGuru | Project Groups & Creating Bulk Service Jobs

One of the problems our clients have told us they struggle with, is creating service jobs for all assets of a client, or a client's site, in the event of a break down and call out. Traditionally, this has meant either manually creating a job for each asset, or labelling a single job with 10 assets.Looking at each of those options, it's obvious that there are pitfalls for each one.

Let's take a look at option 1 - 10 Jobs, each with their own asset.

First of all, creating 10 different jobs can be a right-royal pain in the backside. You're often entering the same data 10 times, and when it comes to invoicing, you're invoicing the same client 10 times for what is potentially a single call out. That being said, by creating 10 different jobs, you can track the timesheets, and materials used on each different piece of equipment, maintaining an incredibly accurate service record - and we all know how important this can be.

In the alternative - creating a single job with 10 assets, you're obviously not spending the time to create single job for each asset, but when it comes to reviewing the service history of each asset - you're not exactly sure what materials were used on each one, and possibly even who serviced them.

Given that we've constantly run into these problems for clients - this week, we've released Project Groups, with bulk job creation. Simply put, a Project Group is a way of grouping these jobs together, and reporting on them as a single Project, while maintaining the history of each timesheet, and all materials ever used to service the asset.

To create a new Project Group for a client, go to the Assets page, and then filter your assets by searching on the client name, asset name, or description of the assets. From the list, select your assets and then in the top right-hand corner, click "Create Project Group." From there, you will be able to create the Group, choose your template for the work, select Start and Due Dates, and assign a project manager.

When you click create - a single Project Group will be created with projects for each asset. Staff can mark individual jobs (or tasks as complete) and use materials on each asset, while you can review the work as an overall picture, to ensure that the entire Group of services is profitable and on track.

When you're done with all of the projects in the group, invoicing is a simple process. With just a few clicks, you can create 1 invoice for the entire job, or one for each asset, depending on your requirements, and just like that you're done.

Project groups can be used for a huge variety of things. Whether you want to group servicing of assets together for a client, or create a run for dozens of different client jobs, in Workguru, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.